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Specification:Swallow Vayala Cream is a natural cream derived from " swiftlet saliva ( nest swiftlet) . " Cream that nourishes the facial skin, protect skin from exposure to direct sunlight and free radical attack. Is a herbal cream which can make white skin smooth and youthful ( within 1-2 weeks) with regular use, could jg resolve complaints including acne and acne scars, dark spots, large pores, wrinkles edge of the eye, dull face , dry and oily. Cream does not contain hazardous materials such as hydroquinon / Mercury. Formula is very light, perfect for everyday use and does not cause dependence and safe to use ( has been clinically tested.) WALET Cream contains extract " swiftlet saliva " with extra vitamin C and E which can brighten skin, also protecting the skin from exposure to direct sunlight and free radical attack.

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